Monday, April 28, 2008

Matcha Greenies

Hey people. Heres my latest little culinary adventure. I warn you unless you're a new bottle then don't read any more, haha. I made these greenies with the same recipe below with a little twist. I made them with maccha chocolate. Not something I would do too often but I'm glad I tried it. I got a lot of good comments form my home on it. If you want to make it heres a tip add one tbsp for the ratio I posted.  They aint as a good as the ones I usually make but they were good and fun to eat.

Chicken Wrap

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Thai chicken curry for the people.

G'day people. It's Asian once again. This time I have a nice mild curry for you. If you are into curry and you like some variety then I recommend this one. You will need:
2 kg of chicken breast(thigh is better but I used breast)
1 medium piece of fresh ginger
1.5 heads of garlic
1 tbsp of cumin powder
2.5 tbsp of red flake chile
4 dry whole chiles
5 bay leaves
1 stick of lemon grass
1 kg of bamboo shoots
2 tbsp of tumeric
1.5 tbsp of salt
couple shakes of pepper
half a cup of water
half a cup of fish sauce
half a cup of vinegar
2 tbsp of brown sugar
1.5 cups of whole milk
3 small blocks of Japanese curry paste
2 cans of coconut milk

And heres how it all goes: Start with getting a small pot and put in half a head of garlic and boil it for five to ten min until the garlic is mushy. While the garlic is boiling grind the ginger and put it in a bowl with a tbsp of chile and 1 tbsp of cumin powder. Once the garlic is done mash it into a paste and put it in with the ginger mix and combine into a paste.

Then chop up the chicken into thin pieces. Each breast should be cut into about seven pieces. Then put it in a bowl and mix it together. Then get a pan and put in a bit of oil(about a quarter inch), and fry the chicken on high and cook until almost done( this is the key to having a nice tender chicken breast curry, none of that rope cribbage that you need a chain saw to cut, make sure you get this right), make sure the chicken is still juicy, it shouldn't even be brown, and the inside should still be a bit pink. Do two kilos in three batches, not all at once or you lose the juice.

When all the chicken is done set it aside and cover it. And the pan should have a bunch of stuff stuck to it and that's good, keep it and we'll use it later. Then get your big'ol chopper out and chop away at a head of garlic, make it fine. And once its done put it in some oil and do it on very low heat. Put in the leaves and the whole chiles and the rest of the chile (2tbsp). Let it all cook together for about five to ten, or until the garlic is cooked but soft. Then put in the tumeric, lemon grass, bamboo shoots, salt and pepper and fry for about five min, put in the fish sauce and the vinegar, and get that water and put it in the pan that you fried the meat with and get all the goodness stuck to it and when you do that chuck it in with the rest of the mix and cook it for five. Then chuck in the milk and the coconut milk and the sugar and the curry blocks, and let it thicken on high heat, stir it people, let it all come together and then add the chicken five minutes before serving it(cook it just a bit more, enough to cook it all the way through) and it should be really tender and just right. Goes really well with genmai and beer. Bon appetit'.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Pasta cream sauce. Chocolate pudding and banana crumble. Macaroni salad.

Old country cuisine again tonight people. We had three guests over at our house and I wanted to make them something special that they never had before. So I settled for a pumpkin cream sauce. Ok, now don't go and be closed minded like me. The first time my Mom and Nona made this I swore that I would never eat it, but I had a taste and it changed my life for the better. So all I can say is "try it you just might like it". Any way this is what you'll need:
2 heads of garlic
half a pumpkin
1.5 tbsp of flake red chile
150 grams of bacon
2 clumps of mushroom
5 bay leaves
3 pinches of rosemary
couple shakes of thyme
couple shakes of sage
1 can of black olives
2 liters of whole milk
5 tbsp of butter
half a cup of water
couple shakes of pepper and 1.5 tbsp of salt
1 cup of flour depending on how thick you want it.

Start by steaming the pumpkin and cook it for about 20 min(or as long as it takes). Whilst the steamer is going chop the garlic really small. Preheat a pan on really low heat and chuck in the garlic. Have enough oil to pretty much cover all that garlic. Next put in the chile, leaves and herbs. Cook until the garlic is ready but soft(about ten to fifteen min) and then put in the olives and the mushrooms and cook for another five minutes.
Next lower the heat and chuck in half the milk and then the pumpkin(make sure that its a paste and not clumpy). Mix and stir, then take a small pan and melt the butter and put in the flour and mix it into a paste and then put the rest of the milk in the pan with the paste and stir it and make sure that there are no lumps. Once that is done combine it with the rest. Then put in the salt and the pepper and and cook it for another ten minutes and thats all she wrote mate. And lastly cook the bacon for a few minutes just enough, so its still soft and throw it in too. Serves about 15 people.

I made a good salad to go along with this meal. Heres what you need.
1. 5 lettuce
1 bag of bean sprouts(no salad is complete without them in my opinion, just love the stuff)
Half an onion
20 cocktail olives
half a kilo of macaroni
a cup and a half of croûtons
and the salad dressing recipe I posted earlier.

Combine all the vegetables. (make sure the onions are really small, and if you you take the sting out of them if you soak them ). Boil the macaroni until its almost done(it'll get soggy if you cook it all the way because you put dressing in the salad.). Once it's done throw it it and mix it in with the dressing. And save the dry bread stuff in a bowl and out it in right before you serve it.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Indian Butter Chicken

I came across this delightful recipe from India on The chef uses fresh tomatoes which I substituted with a half a cup of tomato paste. He also used coriander seeds which I am out of at the moment so I used about 1 tbsp of tumeric instead. It tasted really good and I got great comments from those live I with about it. We'll see more of this on my table for sure. I definitely recommend it to any one who wants a chilled out but tasty Indian meal. Ad this guy is really fun to watch, amen? Haha. Love the way he cooks and talks and hes darn good at what he does.
BTW, the reason my dish looks orange and not red is that I didn't use food coloring at all. I stay away from those because red food coloring is made from crushing a red beetle and getting the juice out of it. Sounds gross doesn't it so I didn't put any of that in my meal. And plus I like to keep my meals and food as natural as possible so I don't use coloring and generally prepare my food from scratch. I bit more work ,I must admit, but you get faster the more you do it and we're talking a far superior flavor. So natural it is for me and mine.
Another thing I would like to add is I don't use plastic spatulas when I fry food because over time they melt and those particles go into your body and are toxic. I also don't use Teflon pans because they're loaded with unnatural chemicals and are unhealthy, even though they require less oil. You're way better off using a cast iron pan/pot with a bit more oil and getting bit of exercise then putting that junk into your system. This may sound a bit extreme to some, but just devote a little time to research and you will likely come to the same conclusion. Just remember that the people that sell food and such products are not doctors, and they are interested in making money and not so interested in our health(if you wanna know more about this and other food related info let me know). So Research anything that you use on a regular basis and check whether its healthful or not.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Salad dressing.

Here's a really easy but good recipe for salad dressing.
You'll need:
10 tbsp of olive oil(I didn't use it this time, don't tell any one)
7 cloves of garlic
5 tbsp of vinegar
5 tbsp of cooking wine
1 tbsp of salt
and a few mixed ground herbs

Start by boiling the garlic. Boil for five minutes to ten minutes then mash with a fork. put it a bowl and then throw in the: oil, vinegar, wine, couple shakes of pepper, and the salt. Then last the herbs.
Now this is how you do the herbs. A dear friend of mine named Fay gave me the coolest little herb grinder not too long ago and I use it frequently. I always have on hand this one particular mixture of herbs that I grind into or on top anything from, to dressing. The mixture consists of: thyme, sage, basil, oregano, mint, salt, rosemary and dry parsley. I would suggest for a a medium size grinder about 2 tbsp of each except the thyme and the sage a tsp of both of them is sufficient in my humble opinion. the above mixture is very handy to have around, and if you don't have a grinder in your kitchen I highly recommend that you get yourself one.
All done. Now throw that into the salad and toss it(no wicked thoughts people). Bon apetit'.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Asian cusine for the people.

Konbanwa minasan! Today its Aisan meals from Indonesia and Thailand. We have: chicken on a stick, meat sauce, stir fry and peanut sauce. All of them are pretty easy and fun to make.

Lets get busy and start with the chicken. All the following should serve about 15 people.
You'll need:
2 kilos of chicken breast
1.5 cups of flour
1.5 tbsp of salt
few shakes of pepper.
sticks to skewer the chicken

Star by cutting the chicken up into one inch pieces(skin and all folks, it's not poison and not too much fattier then the muscle, and its loaded with lots for vitamins and is in fact healthy for you), and stick it on (meat and skin). Then take a the flour, salt and pepper and put it in a bowl or tray and mix. Then dip the meat into the mix and make sure its covered in the mixture. Next get a pan and put in about a quarter inch of oil, and one table spoon of butter and melt it in the oil. Then neatly put in the chicken and cook both sides covered on medium till golden brown.Every new batch add one more tbsp of butter.

Chicken sauce
you will need:
1 can of coconut milk
7 pieces of minced garlic
1 tbsp of chile
5 tbsp of oil
a quarter cup of fish sauce
1 tbsp of tumeric
1 little block of curry paste(or one tbsp of curry powder)
a couple shakes of pepper
a quarter cup of vinegar
a qaurter cup of water
1 tbsp of salt
1 tbsp of brown sugar

Start by putting the oil and chile in a pan and cook on low till the garlic is cooked but still soft, about five min. Then throw in all the spices and then all the liquids(saving the curry for last). Then let it simmer for about five min, and thats all she wrote mate.

Now for the stir fry.
You will need:
half a head of cabbage
1 tbsp of red flake chile
4 tbsp of soy sauce
1 tbsp on salt
and a couple shakes of pepper
and a bit of oil

Start with the garlic. Chop it up it up really small and chuck it into the oil along with the chile and cook on low till the garlic is nice and soft but cooked. Then throw in the cabbage and mix, then toss in the rest of the goods and cook till the cabbage is done but still slightly crispy(about 5 min).

The peanut sauce. (warning: the following recipe includes ingredients which may contain traces of peanuts).
You will need: 
half a cup of smooth peanut butter
2 tbsp of soy sauce
1 tbsp of brown sugar
half a cup of milk
1 cup of water
half a tbsp of red flake chile
4 cloves of garlic
one small piece of ginger

Start with the garlic. Chop it really fine and put it in the pan without heat. Grind the ginger. And throw in everything and stir on medium high. It'll thicken and once it does then just cook it for another couple minutes, and thats it.
This above combination goes really well with genmai(brown rice). I used to detest genmai but then I started working out seriously and getting more into the nutritional aspect of food. Really, genmai wins hands down, no contest, as far as being a health food is concerned. And I would actually prefer genmai on a regular basis. Of course I enjoy white rice once in a while but there's nothing like the goodies your body gets out of the genmai.
And, fellow publicans, this also goes well some good cold stubbies( Australian for beer). Well thats all for now. Hope you have fun with these recipes. And don't forget to comment if you like what you see/ eat, or even if you have some constructive criticism to offer.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Dress up...and shepherds pie

We did something fun for dinner today. We had shepherds pie(if you want the recipe look on Alisa's blog, its very tasty) , and we all dressed like shepherds. Mike and I took the cake. It was great. I just love dress up and costumes. We'll be doing this again for sure.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Chicken & Mushroom Risotto

So it's Italian for dinner again people. I just can't help it, I love Italian food. This time it's risotto. This goes very well with rice(not genmai, but if that's all there is then shoganai), and mashed potatoes. And heres what you need to do it. (Oh.. and one more thing, when I say cup or cups in this recipe I mean about the size of a coffee mug, not one of those cup with all the numbers on it.)

6cups of water
4 bay leaves
2 pinches of rosemary1tbsp of red ground chile
.5 tsp of sage
.5 tsp of thyme
1 head of garlic
1.5 tbsp of ground senna leaves(don't panic if you don't have it)
1 clump of mushrooms
5 tbsp of butter
1 and . 25 cups of flour
4 cups of milk
2 tbsp of salt
some pepper
2 tbsp of consome(or chicken stalk , in western countries, I think)

The chicken:
2 kgs of chicken breast
1 cup of flour
1.5 tbsp of salt
a few shakes of pepper
some oil
1 tbsp on of butter per batch of chicken.

lets get cracking. Heres how to do the sauce. Get a big pot and throw in the water, leaves, herbs and the red chile. Chop all that garlic and chuck that in there along with the mushrooms and boil it on medium for 15min.
In a pan, melt the butter and combine it with the flour bit by bit and then toss in the milk and stir until there are no lumps. Then put it all together and finally flavor with the salt, pepper and consome.

And here's how to do the chicken. Cut up the breasts, get a big pan and put in enough oil to fill it up a quarter inch. Then put in a table spoon of butter, let the butter melt and then and place the pieces along side each other and cook covered on medium heat. When doing another batch put more butter more butter in the pan. Enjoy.

Gnocchi (pronounced ˈɲɔkki "Nyoki")

Alright people. were heading to the old country here. Today we are gonna make Gnocchi. Its one of those dishes that isn't really famous in Japan and I probably would have never eaten it if my Nona(Italian, grandmother) didn't make it for me. It's a great dish and it's well worth the time spent to make it. Heres what ya'll need:

18 potatoes
4.5 cups of all-purpose flour
3 eggs, lightly beaten
3 tablespoons olive oil
1 tbsp of salt
a few ground herbs(if you have a grinder just chuck a few herbs in there, for this it should all amount to about 2 tbsp. I use basil, oregano, thyme, sage and parsley)

Now lets get busy. Boil some water in a pot, and once it's boiled chuck in those spuds(you'd better have peeled'em). Cook'em for about 20 min( if you want it done faster then cut the spuds into quarters). Once they're are done pull'em out with a strainer and keep the water boiling on low heat. Mash those potatoes real well, then season them with the salt and the herbs. Chuck in the eggs and the oil and knead in the flour power. Then on a clean floured surface roll it into rope like pieces and cut into half inch pieces. Then toss in those goodies and boil'em till they come to the top, about 5 min. And thats all she wrote mate. Serve it with a good sauce. I used the same recipe as the pasta sauce below except that I added 1.5 kgs of ground beef to it. Have fun.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Hey guys! Genki? Above is a great tasting chicken breast, I made with Dijon mustard and honey and lots of love. It tasted great, but sadly I forgot how to make it. Dont worry though there's more where that came from.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Chocolate fudge Brownies

G'day people! Heres the best brownies recipe I've come across, I got it off this awesome site called "". I've made it many times and my h0me still asks for it. A few people have asked me for it so here it is for ya'll to use. It's one of those real moist and heavy kind just the way it should be and a real treat for us chocolate junkies. BTW, I bake it without the nuts and thats the way most people who have eaten this like it. Have fun.


  • 1 2/3 cups granulated sugar
  • 1/2 cup (1 stick) butter or margarine
  • 2 tablespoons water
  • 2 bars (4 oz in total) broken into pieces(not the extremely sweet kind, turns out better)
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 1 1/3 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1/4 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 cup chopped nuts (optional)
PREHEAT oven to 350° F. Grease 13 x 9-inch baking pan.

MICROWAVE sugar, butter and water in a large microwave-safe bowl on HIGH (100%) power for 4 to 5 minutes or until mixture bubbles, stirring once. Remove from heat. Add baking bars; stir until melted.

STIR in eggs one at a time until incorporated. Stir in vanilla extract. Add flour, baking soda and salt; stir well. Stir in nuts. Pour into prepared baking pan.

BAKE for 15 to 20 minutes or until wooden pick inserted in center comes out slightly sticky. Remove to wire rack to cool completely.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Vegetarian Pasta Sauce

Hey guys! Welcome to my new blog. I hope you find it useful. I thought I would start with a simple vegetarian pasta. With the following measurements Ive got about 20 people in mind. Lets get to work then.

4 heads of garlic

3tbsps of red crushed chile

7 bay leaves

2 pinches of rosemary

2tbsp of basil

1.5tbsp of oregano

2 tbsp of crushed senna leaves(if unavailable, no worries)

1 tbsp of molokhia crushed(if unavailable, no worries)

2 clumps of mushrooms

3 onions

4 green peppers

2 cans of black olives

3 cups of tomato paste

14 cups of water

3.5 tbsp of salt

pepper to taste

3 tbsp of brown sugar

And heres how it works. Pull out that old chopper and chop up all that garlic. Preheat the oil with very low heat then chuck in the garlic along with the leaves, herbs and the Chile and cook with low heat for about 15 min or until the the garlic is done (but not crispy or brown, aka burnt).

Then pull out the onions, chop them up and throw those tear jerker's along with the mushrooms, olives and the green peppers into the mix, and up the flame to medium heat . Cook for about 15 min or until the onions are transparent.

Then put in the paste, water, sugar pepper and salt and stir it together and up the heat to high and cook for about 25min stirring frequently and then, voila! Make sure the pasta is ready around the same time. Bon appetit.