Friday, April 25, 2008

Pasta cream sauce. Chocolate pudding and banana crumble. Macaroni salad.

Old country cuisine again tonight people. We had three guests over at our house and I wanted to make them something special that they never had before. So I settled for a pumpkin cream sauce. Ok, now don't go and be closed minded like me. The first time my Mom and Nona made this I swore that I would never eat it, but I had a taste and it changed my life for the better. So all I can say is "try it you just might like it". Any way this is what you'll need:
2 heads of garlic
half a pumpkin
1.5 tbsp of flake red chile
150 grams of bacon
2 clumps of mushroom
5 bay leaves
3 pinches of rosemary
couple shakes of thyme
couple shakes of sage
1 can of black olives
2 liters of whole milk
5 tbsp of butter
half a cup of water
couple shakes of pepper and 1.5 tbsp of salt
1 cup of flour depending on how thick you want it.

Start by steaming the pumpkin and cook it for about 20 min(or as long as it takes). Whilst the steamer is going chop the garlic really small. Preheat a pan on really low heat and chuck in the garlic. Have enough oil to pretty much cover all that garlic. Next put in the chile, leaves and herbs. Cook until the garlic is ready but soft(about ten to fifteen min) and then put in the olives and the mushrooms and cook for another five minutes.
Next lower the heat and chuck in half the milk and then the pumpkin(make sure that its a paste and not clumpy). Mix and stir, then take a small pan and melt the butter and put in the flour and mix it into a paste and then put the rest of the milk in the pan with the paste and stir it and make sure that there are no lumps. Once that is done combine it with the rest. Then put in the salt and the pepper and and cook it for another ten minutes and thats all she wrote mate. And lastly cook the bacon for a few minutes just enough, so its still soft and throw it in too. Serves about 15 people.

I made a good salad to go along with this meal. Heres what you need.
1. 5 lettuce
1 bag of bean sprouts(no salad is complete without them in my opinion, just love the stuff)
Half an onion
20 cocktail olives
half a kilo of macaroni
a cup and a half of croûtons
and the salad dressing recipe I posted earlier.

Combine all the vegetables. (make sure the onions are really small, and if you you take the sting out of them if you soak them ). Boil the macaroni until its almost done(it'll get soggy if you cook it all the way because you put dressing in the salad.). Once it's done throw it it and mix it in with the dressing. And save the dry bread stuff in a bowl and out it in right before you serve it.


Dana said...

Delicious JR! I cringed a bit when I saw you cutting up pumpkin in the kitchen, but all I can say now is ... you da bomb! Can't believe you piggies ate all the dessert! I was so hoping there would be crumble left for me. SOB!! Just kidding! I know you're making some for breakfast tomorrow. AND I get some of C's piece that he won this morning during word time kuz I let him get all the blanks. :P

kenfrog said...

wheres the crumble rcp?

Junior said...

Haha..... I knew that some one would ask. Sorry I forgot how to make it, but I can make it again ,and when I do I will post it.

babylove said...

Hey JR, check out my last Post! :)

Tomoaki said...

I thought it was Carbonara,when I first looked at it.But,
I was a little surprized to taste it,which was different from flavor I've ever eaten.pumpkin? in it? Oh, i see.. Way too great! It's a splendid! I'll be sure to try cooking spaghetti at first,if i have a chance to cook.

Banana is covered with pudding,i felt nice'n mild harmony they made. Great work!
My favorite type is peach's. actually,i think any types of Crumble are good(each type has each good).Thank u JR.great!

Junior said...

Thanks Tomoaki. Next time I can make the peach crumble with you again, that was fun. Looking forward to seeing you next week.

Amanda Rudow said...



Junior said...

Thank you, Amanda. I was trying to figure out how to spell that for longer then I care to elaborate on. I spell chwecked but they usually don't have food related words, shucks.

babylove said...

For a pumpkin sauce it sure lacks the color. Looks good! R U a pumpkin fan? I stumbled upon a craaaazy good Italian roast pumpkin & garlic soup.

Junior said...

True, I only had half a pumpkin, a whole would have been best. I am not a real pumpkin fan but I like to use unorthodox ingredients in my food, not that the above is really crazy but things that will get a second look. In Japan Ive never heard of pumpkin pasta, most restaurants dont serve it, but if you have cool recipe post it and I can use it next time I have a pumpkin.

Anonymous said...

I really like this type of pasta. It's the kind that I like... the ham and the olives... it's was just delicious! I hope you can make it some time again.