Saturday, April 26, 2008

Thai chicken curry for the people.

G'day people. It's Asian once again. This time I have a nice mild curry for you. If you are into curry and you like some variety then I recommend this one. You will need:
2 kg of chicken breast(thigh is better but I used breast)
1 medium piece of fresh ginger
1.5 heads of garlic
1 tbsp of cumin powder
2.5 tbsp of red flake chile
4 dry whole chiles
5 bay leaves
1 stick of lemon grass
1 kg of bamboo shoots
2 tbsp of tumeric
1.5 tbsp of salt
couple shakes of pepper
half a cup of water
half a cup of fish sauce
half a cup of vinegar
2 tbsp of brown sugar
1.5 cups of whole milk
3 small blocks of Japanese curry paste
2 cans of coconut milk

And heres how it all goes: Start with getting a small pot and put in half a head of garlic and boil it for five to ten min until the garlic is mushy. While the garlic is boiling grind the ginger and put it in a bowl with a tbsp of chile and 1 tbsp of cumin powder. Once the garlic is done mash it into a paste and put it in with the ginger mix and combine into a paste.

Then chop up the chicken into thin pieces. Each breast should be cut into about seven pieces. Then put it in a bowl and mix it together. Then get a pan and put in a bit of oil(about a quarter inch), and fry the chicken on high and cook until almost done( this is the key to having a nice tender chicken breast curry, none of that rope cribbage that you need a chain saw to cut, make sure you get this right), make sure the chicken is still juicy, it shouldn't even be brown, and the inside should still be a bit pink. Do two kilos in three batches, not all at once or you lose the juice.

When all the chicken is done set it aside and cover it. And the pan should have a bunch of stuff stuck to it and that's good, keep it and we'll use it later. Then get your big'ol chopper out and chop away at a head of garlic, make it fine. And once its done put it in some oil and do it on very low heat. Put in the leaves and the whole chiles and the rest of the chile (2tbsp). Let it all cook together for about five to ten, or until the garlic is cooked but soft. Then put in the tumeric, lemon grass, bamboo shoots, salt and pepper and fry for about five min, put in the fish sauce and the vinegar, and get that water and put it in the pan that you fried the meat with and get all the goodness stuck to it and when you do that chuck it in with the rest of the mix and cook it for five. Then chuck in the milk and the coconut milk and the sugar and the curry blocks, and let it thicken on high heat, stir it people, let it all come together and then add the chicken five minutes before serving it(cook it just a bit more, enough to cook it all the way through) and it should be really tender and just right. Goes really well with genmai and beer. Bon appetit'.


Amanda Rudow said...

oosh. i love making thai curry =)

i hope you don't mind i linked to you AND shamelessly plugged you in a blog post?

keep up the good work. your food looks amazing.


River said...

Hi, Chris!
Oishiso-----! Kondo tsukurini kitene!
kondo Gyoza tsukuttara iiyo!
yasui shi umai!

Are you coming to Fukuoka soon??
Chris ni tetsudattemorawanaito, hikkoshi taihen dayo!
ja,hayaku kitene--!! mattemasu!

P.S. Itsumade Skin head nano??

Junior said...

I can go there around the 24th or 23rd. And I am not too busy carrying boxes for you guys then Yhea can cook some good things for you.

alise said...

u sld visit thailand some time and hv real thai food!!

Junior said...

I'd love to go to thailand for vacation. Who's gonna make it, are you?