Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Chest, shoulder, triceps and back.

Ok, this is it. I have had it with people bugging me about my laziness, haha. This is the first of the posts concerning workouts, health, fitness and anything concerning muscles, I hope you find them helpful. I train old school in my room using a combination of weights and body weight training routines that focus on upper body conditioning. I do this much of each exercise but I progress each week. I start with prayer and a small stretch.

And no jokes about the cuts on my head, people, a light fell on me while I was doing a sacrificial deed. These were taken about a week ago and since then it's gotten a lot better.

I begin with 1oo plus ups. I do these with a mirror by my side so I can look at my form and make sure that I am not cheating , and make sure that my form is good. Make sure you go all the way down and all the way up(dip lower then the photo above, I was posing for the cam and freezing so he could get the shot).

Next stretch. Then Get to work on the dips. I do these in sets of 20 ten times with a minute in between each set. Dip as low as you see above and go all the way back up.

Then I do a little stretching and I do push ups on my knuckles, again with a mirror to watch my form. I do ten sets of ten a minute apart.

Then I do grip training with "Captians of Crush" grippers. I start with the hardest one(the #2 CoC) I have which is 88 kilos of pressure(195 pounds) and I do 2 reps with it, with my right. Then I do my left and do about 6 to ten with the #1 CoC which is 63 kilos of pressure(140 pounds). Then I do my right again with the #1.5 CoC which is about 76 kilos of pressure(167 pounds) about ten times. I do left again with a 45 kilo gripper and I do it 20 plus times. I switch again to my right and do the #1 CoC ten plus times wait for forty seconds and then do the 45 kilo gripper(100 pounds) 20 plus times. Then I do ten sets of ten on each hand with the 45 kilo gripper. I keep all these reps 40 seconds apart. And I do each one till the metal meets.
A little trivia the 88 kilo #2 is that at last years Arnold Schwarzenegger body building competition the company that makes these passed this one around and none of the those guys competing could close it all the way till metal met in the middle. This gripper is rarely closed, by any one unless they have trained their grip. I have it with me a lot. It's so funny to give it to these big mountains of muscle and watch them try and fail to close it, I mean I'm pretty muscular but I am only 171cm and 86 kilos and some of the guys I give this gripper to are humongous and they make me look like a kid and they still can't do it all the way.]
BTW, when you first start with the CoC grippers you get a blister on your little finger(or the whole hand could suffer if you're soft and not to used to it), but after a while you get used to it, and you never turn back.
A little warning I would like to add is that these thing are very addictive and side effects in include: greater strength and larger fore arms.
One more thing I would like to add is that these grippers are the best in the world. There's a lot of companies out there that make these but the difference is this: CoC measures the pressure by the resistance it puts out, while other companies measure the pressure by the power it takes to close it. This is the best way of measuring grip strength known to man. I found one gripper that had never been used before at this sports store and it was 100 kilos of pressure(220 pounds), I had a try at it and I did it so hard the metal ground together, I would go so far as to say if they had the 130 kilo (290 pound) type there I would have closed that one too, so much for that companies grippers, only good for showing off. Suffice it to say that CoC is the best way to train your grip.


Anonymous said...

g..gg...gggood lord!!

Junior said...

Yes, the Lord is good.

nina said...

Nice carpet!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!! I never saw you doing that!

Isamu said...

Thats cool. I've found the weak link in training is usually my lower back or my wrists. Having a strong grip is important.

Junior said...

Tx dude. Btw, which Isamu is this?

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