Monday, May 5, 2008

Croutons and more

We had chicken thigh pasta yesterday, the recipe for the sauce is the same as the vegetarian sauce, just fry the chicken just before you serve it to keep it real tender.

I love croutons, but I just ran out, so I decided to make my own with brown bread(no white trash for me). It's for about two meals.
Here's what you need.
8 slices of brown bread
few pinches of salt
some of those mixed herb I was telling you about
Four cloves of garlic and a couple tbsp of butter.

And here's how it goes: Preheat the oven at 250(Celsius), chop up that garlic really small, then put it in a small bowl and combine it with the butter and put in in the micro wave for about 30 seconds, then butter the bread with it, and slice it into the size you want it to be and put it in a bowl and mix in the salt and herbs and then put it in a non oiled oven tray and bake it for 20 minutes checking it occasionally to make sure it cooks evenly. These really make a good salad that much better.
Our resident toddler couldn't stop from eating them and he just kept coming back for more with his little bowl. I said "sure Dave you can have fourths, how many do you want?" and he goes with all fingers out and both hands up " ten!". And then he proceeds to count out ten of them. He liked them so much I gave him the rest of the batch. This is one of the first times he really enjoyed my food, so I am very happy.


babylove said...

Great story. It's so great when the kids go for your food. I'm a sucker for croutons too. Hey, the other day I made them out of left over cheese toast, crazy but true I just cubed them toasted them (shorter than normal ones of course) & the kids went nuts. ha ha. Kids & croutons, I guess.

Junior said...

Would have been cooler if I got it on video. Any way, the cheese croutons sound good. But I don&t get cheese so often in my litchen so I am thinking about making it out of yogurt(not to make cheese toast out of it).