Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday night


Nina said...

Finally I understand what Friday nite is about; cool custom!

Kari said...

The food always looks delicious Jr. & the photography is fantastic, but why do you serve it all on one plate?

Anonymous said...

haha juny busted bro! I finally found your blog! its kinna sad theres not so many fotos of yout but yeah the food looks good!
well cya laterz. maybe ill swing by sometime and you can make me some more of that great pasta! cherio!

Anonymous said...

Hey chris its your sister jodi here! I love your blog i think its fabulous! And you look great too bro :) love and miss you jodi xxx

Junior said...

Hi nina thanks, I think it's a cool custom too, lol.

And kari just really like that one particular plate so thats the one we shoot. I guess I could use one of the other ones some time.

Hey shonics I though I'd hear form you some time. This blog is mainly about food so the photos are on that topic as well I guess i could post more of me if you would like that. And yeah, any time, come on over.

And Jodi, how are you? Genki?? I and glad you come to my blog to visit. And yeah if you have any cool recipes send them to me and i would glad to post them. Love you tons and tons. Mwuah!

Skunk said...

Jodi cooks really good actually. And you know me, I am really good at not cooking. Love you! I will call you soon