Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Graduation celebration.

Today was a very special day, we celebrated the kids graduating and going into the next grade. They all did super good in their school and I was so proud of them.
And no celebration is complete without a special dinner, so we asked what they wanted, they asked for pizza and thats what they got. I made my own pizza sauce, and the home loved it. i wish that I remembered what I put in it, but alas I don't.
And to make the night even more enjoyable Seimi made some exquisite chocolate Parfets. Good thing I worked out as hard as I did.
Oh and something special happened today that was really encouraging. I just finished working out, and then I got this real bad stomach ache. It hurt so bad that I couldn't move, so I went and groaned on the living room couch. Auntie Crysolite came in and asked me what what was up and then she laid hands on my stomach and prayed, and I kid you not, my friend, as soon as she started to pray the pain left me. Right after that I got up and went about cooking dinner good as new. Very heavy. The keys kick some ass alright.


lisa said...

daaaamn! a man that can cook!

Junior said...

Lisa from kobe?
BTW, it's only Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, yes, that one is yummy! thanks for making it!

Anonymous said...

No kidding! I'd say it's better than pizzas that come from the store! And what's more, people, it's for FREE! Yeah, man! GBY, Jr! -Maimi-

Junior said...

Thanks guys. I love cooking for you. Thanks for commenting. I love you.