Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More about little old me.

I like doing these when I'm bored.

Have you...

Sung someone to sleep? Not that I can remember.
Been to a psychiatrist? No.
Baked a cake without a recipe? No way.
Recorded your voice? Yes.
Written a novel? No but I have written stories.
Had a paying job? Yes.
Lost a loved-one? Yes, my Mother.
Been in a band? No.
Danced in front of people? Can we not talk about this, cringe.
Wanted children? Yeah, I want kids in the future but first I need to get a license, and find a wife, oh and finish PMA(grin).
Been to a concert? Yes , cant wait till the next one.
Cried yourself to sleep? Yes.
Met someone famous? Yes, mostly athletes.
Wanted to be famous? Yes, in combat sports, sigh.
Used a rhyming dictionary? No.
Drew/painted a piece of art to completion? Yes once a long time ago, really sucked but it made some one happy and they keep the little picture with them in a wallet at all times, cringe.
Streaked? Yes, love being naked.
Gone somewhere deliberately in the hopes of running into someone? No.
Felt so incapable of expressing love that you cried? No.
Written a song? Yes, cringe.
Climbed a mountain? Yes, not something i wanna do by my self though, I would go with some one , does any one wanna go with me up a mountain, with a some lunch and stuff, have picnic?
Wished you were the opposite gender? No.
Stayed up all night? Yes, great fun.
Been heartbroken? I have been very sad, but not heart broken.
Been in love with someone who had no idea? N.

Do you...
Stop reading books halfway through?
I guess, I only really read a book when I am interested in it, and if I am then I read it all the way.
Sleep during movies? Yes, Equilibrium comes to mind just off the bat, very gnarly film, that one.
Cry during movies? Yes.
Talk a lot? I do talk a lot, and listen a lot. Just love people.
Sleep better alone? Yes.
Own a pair of glasses? Many.
Pinch pennies? Some times, when i need to, but not really.
Quickly lose interest in projects? Yes, really need to work on this, sigh.
Misplace things? Not really, but I have had a few experiences along these lines, sigh.
Buy stationery before you need it? No.
Love math? HELL NO!!!!
Know a lot of random facts? Yes, sigh.
Do romantic, thoughtful things for the people you love? I guess so.
Have difficulty getting rid of things you don't use? I have stuff that I sell later that I am not currently using but I will use when the time comes to sell it.
Notice and remember little things about people?Yeah, of course, birthdays and stuff like that.
Prefer wine to beer? Beer is good, wine is healthy.
Do an accent? Yes, I love accents, I do a few.
Enjoy the spotlight? Depends which one.
Love board games? No, more a hang out and chat kind of person.
Buy your own shampoo or toothpaste? Dont use shampoo, and some else does the shopping here.
Wish people would stop talking about you? If it's good go ahead if not shut up(please).
Keep a journal? No.
Enjoy exotic foods? YES.
Cook elaborately for yourself? look at my blog, go figure.
Have expensive taste? Yes, with some things, sigh.
Write on yourself? Not really

Stay up late? Yes.
Absolutely love your perfume/cologne or use it because you have it? I haven't found a really nice smell yet.
Wish you could be someplace else? All the time.
Miss people? Yes, sniff sniff.
Organize to a fault? Not really.
Take a long time to be satisfied with your work? Some times yes, some times no.
Wear clothes that are too big for you? No, I am very picky about clothes and they need to fit me perfectly or I don't buy them, the brand needs to be good, and I like to wash, hang and fold them myself
Own more than 10 pens? I own way more then that.
Wear make-up every day? No.
Get angry often? I get annoyed pretty often, need to be more patient, sigh.

Well, I hope at least one per son reads this, took me a while to write all that.


Florence said...

You deserve a good firm correction about your answer to the question about people talking about you. You'll only allow them to say nice things? What is that, censorship? What if I want to present a fair and balanced synopsis of your character? Would you have me LIE, Junior?? I think that if someone is saying nice things about you, it's only fair to let them say junky things too (sort of as a shiner prize).
Get back to me on this so that I can start talking about you again.

kenfrog said...

I read it, it was fun, thanks.

Junior said...

Thanks Kenny.

And Flo, I give you complete freedom to say anything you want about me behind my back so....so long as it's good. Besides what what bad is there to talk about? Just a little JK, to brighten you day.

Florence said...

Yay, I love me some good wiggle room!! "Good" is relative so...it could be "good" in the way that "interesting and smutty" is "good" to some people. Or "good" = "GOOD STUFF! That Junior guy really is good and strange!"
Look out!!
(Just a little jaykay right back at ya hey hey)

Fyrefly said...

AHAHAHA JR ... ur funny!!! *hug*
but its true ... some things you say dont really make sense

Junior said...

Like what?

Nina said...

I was going to comment on the post, but then Florence's comments had me laughing so much I forgot what I was going to say! Sometimes I forget how hilarious u can be, Flo!

(But as a disclaimer to the censorship joke, since some ppl actually think that way, the Word says, "If it's negative, and if it's going to hurt someone else, or it's going to result in the hearer becoming skeptical or critical or less loving toward that person, and if it's not important for the other person to know, and you're not the one that should be telling them, then it falls into the category of gossip.")

Sharon said...

I don't know who you are, but I read it anyway, haha. Nice blog, nice photography, nice muscles... GBY.

Junior said...

Why thank you, Sharon. All the best with your art work.

ang said...

Yeah I don:t know you either but i read it.

that part about your clothes and the pens made me laugh. cute

Anna said...

Yeah, well, I read it too...so be encouraged. ;) Sounds like you had fun answering those questions...

Actually, if truth be told, Scilly and I read it together (lots of chuckles and some rolling of the eyes, heh)

Great blog though. Scilly's into baking and cooking so I imagine that she'll get more into studying the receipes than me, since I'm only in the kitchen when I can't get out of it...uh, well, you know...like when I don't have a choice. But your stuff looks great. The Chocolate fudge brownie looks absolutely HEAVENLY!!...it's my favorite dessert in the world, I think...

sophia said...

Quite the insight into your life there.

Junior said...

Hi there, Sophia! Welcome to my blog. But how did you find it? Beautiful name, btw.