Friday, June 13, 2008


Hey guys! Genki? I went for a really mild child friendly curry this Friday. I made twice as much as I would normally make so that I could have enough for some great visitors we had today as well, this amount will serve 25 to 30 people. If you wanna have a go at making it here's what you need:

8 baking cups of water
5 bay leaves
1.5 cloves of garlic
1.5 onions
1 real big piece of ginger
3 tbsp of flake chile
800 grams of semi dried tomatoes
4 cans of coconut milk
1.5 tbsps of tumeric
half a tbsp of garam masala
1.5 tbsp of cumin
1.5 tbsp of curry powder
6 tbsps of brown sugar
2 sticks of celery with leaves
900 grams of peas
six big taters(POTATOES!!!!! boil'em, mash'em stick'em in a stew)
2.5 kilos of chicken breast
5 tbsps of butter
3 tbsps of salt
pepper to taste
5 whole chiles

And here's how ya'll do it: take the leaves and about six cups of the water and boil it on low, then take the: ginger, garlic, onions and chile and blend that(after you cut it into little pieces, of course), once it's a puree chuck it into the pot and boil it for about five min and then add the tomatoes and boil for another 15 min. Once that is done take it off the burner and let it cool, once it does blend it again and make sure that its really fine stuff, oh, and add the celery leaves to the blend. Next add the spices , suger, whole chiles, and coconut milk and one more cup of water, let all that boil on high for about five to ten min. Then take those taters, peas and celery and chop it into the size you desire and and add it to the mixture and let it cook through, I forgot how long I cooked it for(it was yesterday, BTW), but I think 15 min should be enough. Once its done turn off the heat and set aside. Get that chicken and chop it into medium sized pieces, and fry about four batches at a time with the butter and cover it with a pan top and cook it until the chicken is almost done. Add it and the left over liquid to the curry and cook for a few min longer and thats that. Have fun.


Alise said...

I just really hd to b the first one 2 comment on this dish. It's not my style of food, but i'm sure anything u make is gd! love u!

Junior said...

Haha, you*re such a sweet heart. Lets talk some time soon. Love you too.

Skunk said...

This looks nice

And don't you have any photos of yourself?

David Stine said...

looks great man! I just got my first basil plant today I'm so excited! Hope I see ya around sometime. tell me when you go to noda and we can drink some vodka together!

Junior said...

Hey dave, that sounds good lets do it. Are you gonna be Noda joining or what? I hope I can make it for the gahter ing that they are hosting on July first, we'll see though.
And yeah, Mars, I have plenty of pics of myself but I don't really want to have a blog like that, I can posta few though if you wanna see some on me. Love you and praying for you.

Skunk said...

Yes, I want to see!

Anonymous said...

That type of cury was nice and mild!!! I liked it!