Monday, June 2, 2008

Green curry recipe.

 First of all people, i am sure the lack of postings has been noticed. I'm sorry. I have just been really busy. For those of you who don't know I'm taking the pm and I started not too long ago.
I made this particular curry a while ago but it was a hectic dinner and writing it down was honestly the last thing on my mind, which was a pity because it was really good.
Any way, I made it again, with out the tomatoes, and this time I wrote it down for you all to use.
Here you go. Here's what ya'll need:
1 head of garlic
2.5 tbsp of red flake chile
5 bay leaves
one piece of ginger
500 grams of spinach
5 whole chiles
1 tbsp of curry powder
1 tbsp of cumin
1.5 tbsp of turmeric
2 tbsp of salt
couple shakes of pepper
3.5 tbsp of brown sugar
3 tbsp of butter
a little oil
2 cans of coconut milk two kilos of chicken thigh(with the skin people)

Start with a pot and put in about five cups of water, then put chop the onion, garlic, flake, chile and ginger and blend it with about 2 cups of water. Blend it into a paste and add it to the water in the pot. Then chuck in the spinach and let it all boil for about fifteen minutes. Then extract it and blend the mixture(extracting the leaves and whole chiles first of course). Put it back into the pot and then add the rest of the spices along with the sugar. Let it cook for about about five min then add the coconut milk to it. Then take a bit of oil not too much, and that butter and fry up the chicken and add it to the curry along with the liquid. Let it cook for another couple minutes and thats all she wrote.
Have fun.


Isamu said...

sounds cool.

nina said...

PMA? Good on u! Tho' I wld call u a PM already! Ganbare ne!

Ang Johnson said...

That just looks weird!! So its spinach curry, yeah?
does it taste any good?

Junior said...

Nina, that is so not true, but thank you youre very sweet. I lvoe you heeps.

And Ang: I guess ethnic may not be to every ones liking, but all who have sampled this one have liked it.

Mike D said...

ARRGH Junior!! I haven't posted yet because thats all I have to say! And It would get boring saying it over and over again. You make it sound so simple. hehe. Tx for comming over the other night. Twas fun. I slept all day...NYAHAHAHAHA. Hope you had a good trip home.
Mike D

aika said...

yeah not so sure about the color, but im sure it tastes great, im crazy over spicy food now, so good going with the red peppers.
guess with your new cooking skills we wont need to go to the indian tabehodai anymore.

Junior said...

Thanks for the love, Mike. It was great to see you too. Hope I can do it again some time.

Hi Aika, glad you visited! You know what? A lot of people of people have raised their eyebrows about the color, which is kinda funny cos no one says anything about the dark red meat sauce, pink ice cream, yellow sukemono or any other color. I guess people aren't used to it. Any way, I just love that old Indian place, but since i started cooking I haven't gone even once.

Florence said...

Well, there are a lot of unappetizing things associated with that shade of green. Moss and mold come to mind. I could go on.
However, Junie, I happen to think that you are splendid and wonderful and your curry looks delicious and I would eat it any day.
I have however noticed that you seem to be becoming one of those blog fizz-outers. Is this really the end?? Last, Junie, please!

Junior said...

Hi florence. I knew some one would mention my lack in postages. I would just like to say that Im a: home shepherd,jt counselor, witnesser, fundraiser, I'm doing pma and my home only has 6 18 and ups. Suffice it to say Im a busy little boy, but I do love you dearly.

Florence said...

Junie sweetie, there are some of us that manage to be quite busy (managing homes whilst loving you dearly) and YET somehow also manage the blog postage!!
Search your heart!!

junior said...

Anyway, I think I still do have a case. Our home just got permission to go fd and wwe still have to do the reviews again and pass unlike all the other fd homes, there are only six of us here, and two of us are doing pma. Any way, I'm posting today and tomorrow.