Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tex Mex

I have been really busy lately with many different things, I'm sure you have noticed my lack in posting, very sorry. But here I am again.
Last Friday we had a great birthday party for us Geminis, I turned 21, Seimi turned 17 and Maimi turned 14 . I made Mexican upon request. We had a great guest over who was really fun to talk with. And Paul and Gracia came over with the munchikins which made the evening all the more special. hope to have another one of these soon.


Nina said...

Well, I guess you're due for another one of those in about a year... heheh. Glad to hear u had a great birthday party, & hope you're enjoying your new year so far!

I can imagine how busy u must be; it's a wonder to me that you've been able to post even this much! I know a lot of these things take time, but I'm praying that you'll get to revel in many of the rewards for all that you're taking on this year, & that it'll truly be the most fulfilling one yet.

Happy Birthday, Junior, & welcome to SGA-hood (sounds like some kind of sci-fi inner city gang territory, haha)!

Junior said...

Hey it's Nina!! Miss hearing from you. I'll be posting more whne I have time. Love ya.

kenfrog said...

oooh lookie! it's James!

aika said...

umm... may i ask who on earth that person in the red shirt is.
is it you with a new hair-due? or the guest that was fun to talk with... kind of looks like a kid,...
not so into hot-dogs, but other than that... yum

Anonymous said...

that dinner was so yummy JR !! hontoni arigatoune ... oishikatta♪
aaaaaaaaaaah i miss james !!! matasugu aitaina ... you guys are so alike !! such brothers !!aha!!james is such a monkey !!!! hes such a funny bunny !!aha !!
i miss you guys ... mata acchini visit shini ikune !?
love and miss you tons JR !!


Junior said...

Haha, you're such a sweet heart Aika. I miss you too. It would be great if you could come. Aishiteru yo.

Anonymous said...

thanks junnie !! demo junnie no houga yasashiiyo!!
i hope i can go there around this month !!cuz i dont really have time ... cuz were gonna move soon !!!oh man i cant wait to eat your dinner junnie !! aha !! junnie puro nanjyanai !?