Friday, July 18, 2008

Maple syrup steak sauce.

Greetings readers! It's Friday night once again and as usual we had company. Mister C didn't snap a shot of it this time though(looks very with out a pic, sigh). We had: chicken steak with sauce and roasted veggies with rice(salad goes without saying), I got a some very good reactions to my new sauce experiment so I'm posting the recipe. We also did suika wari(for any one who doesn't know what that it's a Japanese game , kinda like hitting a Pinyata, one person gets blind folded and the other guide him verbally to where he can hit it). And then to top the evening off we all roasted marsh mellows, fun fun.
Here's the recipe for the sauce:
4 cloves of chopped garlic
half a tbsp of flaked chile
1 cup of ketchup
2/3 cup of bull dog sauce
5 tbsp of maple syrup
2 tbsp of yellow mustard
couple shakes of pepper
and steak crisps
and a few tbsps of oil

After your done cooking steak(chicken is what I used), after you drain the oil theres a little browned stuff left that just the best sauces. Just chuck in a few tbsp of oil and the garlic and chile , and cook that on low until the garlic is done about five min, then toss in the rest of the goodies and cook it for another five min on high and thats it.


nina said...

What are steak crisps? Is that talking about the browned stuff left over from cooking steak? Sorry, I'm a bit dense.

Junior said...

Yes, thats right, Nina. Those little bits are the ticket, there's so much flavor packed into them.

Medieval Alien said...

i got my smoothie recipes from prevention magazine .. some health mag. You should try them and post the results, we haven't got a blender so i am aching to try them and see the results.

Junior said...

I guess I will, if I get the needed ingredients.

Davida said...

yes his name is david

kathy said...

hey are you the guy on the pma site who i just bothered with a comment? nice to find you. talk sometime.

Junior said...

Yes, I am he.

Tomoki said...

your cookings looking good JR..i should pay a visit sometime old you been away? i'm in indonesia now btw..drop a line sometime huh..take care bro..