Thursday, October 9, 2008

Vegetable soup.

It is getting cold, and one of the things that makes me happy as the weather cools if is a good soup. This one is very versatile in that you can put in just about anything and it will taste good. I have tried it many times and it has never let me down no matter what I stuck in it. Now here's what ya'll need:

15 cups of water
1 kg of broccoli
5 bay leaves
1 head of garlic
1 onion
1 third tbsp of red chile flake
3 big tbsp of butter or margerine
1 tbsp of chicken stalk
couple shakes of pepper
a couple shakes of sage
1.5 tbsp of consome
2 cups of milk

Start by putting the water on to boil with the leaves and the chile in it. Then chop up the onions and garlic and broccoli and stick them in to boil and boil them until the broccoli is soft about 15 min, then strain the veggies(and save the remaining water of course) and pull out your leaves, and let it all cool for a bit, then blend the veggies until they are a fine pulp and dump it back in the water pot and put it back on the cooker and set on medium heat and heat it back up. Then add your spices and butter. Once it is slightly boiling put in the milk(none of this curdled milk business please). Goes great with garlic bread or the scones on Alleys blog, I love those very easy and very yummy. And thats all she wrote, people. Have fun cooking.


nina said...

Soup in cold or dreary weather really hits the spot! When u say, "you can put in just about anything and it will taste good," does that mean in addition to the broccoli, or in place of it?

Also, any tips on how to avoid the "curdled milk business"? (worried)

Babylove said...

If you don't bring the milk to a boil it won't curdle.

Winter is all about the soup. It's so easy to make & it just gives a meal that extra zing. Esp. miso or like you said a veggie soup. I love how you can add nearly any veggie to miso. I'm gonna be covering a great pumpkin garlic soup, if you like pumpkin Jr, I think you'll love it, it's SO manly! hee!

Anonymous said...

The vegetable soup was really, really good. Not too spicy not too mild!

Teeny said...

You look super familiar - do I know you from somewhere??