Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Ok. So there hasnt been much going on around here, huh? Well, dont you go and get critical about it, thats not nice at all!! But Ill tell you all why its been that way. i dont have a camera or a computer and I am never on some one leses long enough to write a post. But here is just a brief of what has been up with me:
I am playing a lot of music which is nice, guitar is what i do.
I just got a Shamisen and I will hopefully be getting lessons some time this month.
Im working out and I have been jogging a lot.
I am buying my own laptop soon hopefully in June.
I am also saving up for a new guitar, hopefully a gibson Jumbo with a pick up, ahh that is a sweet one.
And i am trying to get a bed and desk for my room.
there will be pics coming soon, be patient though cos i rarely get comp that i can be on for more then a few mins. I love you guys have a good night.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sorry....... I forgot one thing.......

In the post below I forgot to include that Florence came over and and gave me tons of love and that was nice. Love you Flo. XXX!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Prodigal blogger.

Hi guys. I love you all and I am sorry for being the bum of the year and not posting these past few months. I have been very busy with lots of stuff and learning many things. As a lot of you may know I was in Shizuoka working with a missionary NPO there, they were great to work with. I performed along with them with my stilts, balloons, singing and guitar. I loved working with them. I also learned some Judo holds, throws, lands, grabs and tackles from Franchesco while there and that was good fun(save the very painful holds that he taught me). On the week ends whilst staying there I would perform at a mall near there with stilts and balloons and I got enough for my license, a new laptop, and a few other small purchases(if you're curious ask me on a private basis seeing as I don't feel like posting it, ahem. In January I left Shizuoka and I hitchhiked with 75 kgs of luggage and came to Tamba which is in near Kobe and I am temporarily working with another team of missionaries here so far its been really challenging and fulfilling to work with them. Pictures will be on the way...... in the next post. ciao!