Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Ok. So there hasnt been much going on around here, huh? Well, dont you go and get critical about it, thats not nice at all!! But Ill tell you all why its been that way. i dont have a camera or a computer and I am never on some one leses long enough to write a post. But here is just a brief of what has been up with me:
I am playing a lot of music which is nice, guitar is what i do.
I just got a Shamisen and I will hopefully be getting lessons some time this month.
Im working out and I have been jogging a lot.
I am buying my own laptop soon hopefully in June.
I am also saving up for a new guitar, hopefully a gibson Jumbo with a pick up, ahh that is a sweet one.
And i am trying to get a bed and desk for my room.
there will be pics coming soon, be patient though cos i rarely get comp that i can be on for more then a few mins. I love you guys have a good night.


Nina said...

Critical? Wahaha! Missed u, Junior!

Thanx 4 the update; gd to hear how you're doing, & now I understand y there haven't been any posts or pix. No worries; just wanted to be sure u didn't abandon your blog forever, heheh.

So r u in a band now? In Tamba?

Calling on the keys of supply for all those needs you're hoping to get. Ganbatte ne!

BladeMaster said...

You for got to say getting laid man.

Junior said...

Thanks, Nina. Youre awesome. No I am not in a band, I just do night singing some times and the usual ctp performing, that kind of thing.

Shane getting laid is not an unusual thing so I didnt think it was worth mentioning. It goes without saying that most people get it.

Anonymous said...

Forget about getting laid... I'm hungry! Where's them recipes???

- A hungry FGA!!!

Sun said...

Hey, finally! (haha) Nice to see you update your blog!

Nina said...

Uhhmmm, Junior... did u get your laptop? Been praying, man.